Race for Raisina Hill

I m writing this at a time, when the scale of favour, is tilting towards Mr Pranab Mukherjee...though the race for the Raisina Hill is yet to pull down its final curtain.

With the candidature narrowed down to three prominent names by the various political alliances and if i given a choice to elect my President from among the three names of Mr Mukherjee, Dr Kalam and Mr Sangma, i would go out all in all for Dr Kalam. Having said that i mean no intention to undermine Mukherjee’s or Sangma’s stature, their achievements or their statesmanship... Specially, Mr Mukherjee, who having been been at the helm of the the defense ministry and the finance ministry for a long run.

Yet, it seems only the political class is endorsing Mukherjee’s candidature, where as the common citizen/netizen is taking to FB, Twitter and other social networking and news sites to rally for Dr Kalam. Welll, do we have a choice other than these social forums to vent our displeasure? Do our pseudo-representatives care to listen to the public? Somebody has rightly said, had their been a direct Presidential election by the masses, Dr Kalam would emerge as the front-runner, that too by an unsurpassable margin.

However, I hear some of us saying “I dnt care who becomes the President” ,”what difference does a President makes in the governance”. Well, a significant difference a President can bring about in the country’s governance, with whatever discretionary powers granted by our Constitution. Its unfortutnate that today political parties elect their pawns to this highest office of the land, thereby reducing it to a mere symbolic rubber-stamp Presidentship. With the current scenario of poltical haywireness and corruptions eating up the nation’s health, the Presidential election gains all the more importance because we want our First Citizen to rise above murky politics and confer justice to the 1.2 billion citizens. So, Mr Mukherjee, Will you be able to justify the Presidential post, since you are the most faithful soldier/troubleshooter for the Congress Party?

What makes Dr APJ Abdul Kalam the true “People’s President”(as he been always referred to)? I feel the single most important reason why Dr Kalam outshines Mr Mukherjee is the “goodwill” virtue that Dr Kalam carries for this nation. What purpose would it serve for the nation ....even if a brilliant statesman like Mr Mukherjee becomes President...he clearly lacks the goodwill, needless to say how he and his government shields many corrupts.

This Nation owes Dr Kalam the “Office Of Profit” bill, a bill that saved the sanctity of the constitution thats clearly seperates the powers of legislature and executive. During his previous tenure as the President , Dr Kalam in consultation with the judiciary, stood against the odds and declined to give assent to this bill, unless the legislature and more particularly the government, rectify the shortcomings and the partiality in the bill. Dr Kalam’ s independent decision to send back the bill using his discretionary power, shook the conscience of the nation about the crooked intention of the MPs and the Govt. Thereafter, in 2006 INC president and MP Sonia Gandhi had to resign from several posts deemed under “Offices Of Profit” and many more MPs followed. Rest is history that we all know...

In the end, my voice may not be answered... my wishes may not be represented...but I have no qualms as Guruji Rabindranath Tagore rightly said “Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu Na Ase Tobe Ekla Cholo Re” [If no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone].


@replying to travis's comment....
well, i hav talked to u abt this in the chats..still my answers to ur querries are in my blog itself...so not answering u again here ..thnks for reading and commenting..:)

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my pleasure :)

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brilliantly written !!!....ur writing reflects that u harbour some political aspriration.
My first question is Isn't the president no more than a rubber stamp! yes or no?
He(kalam) has already had a chance!!Can u tell me what kind of significant contributions did he made for india while serving as president?
(PS:i still dont fathom why Pratibha Patil was made president ?Seems she must have misunderstood it as 4 years of trip to the world:D :D.)
@one has to look pros and cons: Mukherjee has served as Finance Minister, Foreign Minister and Commerce Minister twice and also as Defence Minister. He chairs most of the cabinet committees tasked with making recommendations on important issues.Clearly,he has certain kind of experience that kalam doesnt have! kalam is just a scientist .....a missile expert .
@about the governance issue ...i dont see any changes made by ANY President at all.Although the president is vested such powers by the constitution of India, the authority and the executive powers are exercised by the Cabinet Ministers and Prime Minister. Wat i m trying to say ..."koi bhi president bane ..toh kya farak padega ".....:D(sounds like metaphor..lmao)
@ view point from character: Definetely Kalam's good nature has earned him a new name "people's president"!!! :) we all know he loves kids :) and i have no doubt on pranab's loyalty towards sonia. I too fear , will president agree if she tells him to do so....I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU !

Apart from this , i want to say ..i m not fan of congress ..i too agree that kalam shud be a president ...it is just my opinion.....my sayings....my feelings :D

thanks :D

Travis bachha

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