92. Yoga-The World's Craze Of The Day

Modern man's mechanical life, invited many problems for him. Tension, depression and pressure of commitments, drive him from pillar to post, as he is being heavily dosed with medicines. Bodies react, minds distract and lives burst out; what is the way out? Ancient Indians system of Yoga comes to their rescue.

Yoga is a craze in the Western world today. Yoga is giving them a pause of relaxation to their fast pace of life. CEOs, managers, professionals, politicians, students and housewives are religiously pursuing courses in Yoga for stress free life. Modern India is no exception to this; Indians do suffer from the so-called "civilized" stress and diseases and Yoga is the panacea for their problems too.

Yoga is a way of life. It is not a therapy to cure diseases. Yoga is the basis for the Indian culture and civilization. The word yoga means, "joining together" or "yoking together". It is merging of "Jivaatma" (self-consciousness) with "Paramatma" (Cosmic Consciousness). That is the goal of yoga and the life had been designed to achieve that goal.

Usually people follow many paths of yoga. Among them Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga, Raja yoga, Hatha yoga and Tantra yoga are very popular.

Bhakti Yoga : Loving God and creation and becoming one with God is called Bhakti yoga.

Karma Yoga : Shunning the ego of doer-ship while performing actions and getting not perturbed by the results of action is called Karma yoga.

Jnana Yoga : Through self-inquiry, discrimination and renunciation, leading a life of oneness with awareness in Jnana yoga.

Raja Yoga : By control of breath and through it control of senses, the mind is stilled and made free from attachments and aversions and then it is called Raja Yoga.

Hatha Yoga : Obtaining the longevity the life without any ailments and diseases through body and mind control is called Hatha yoga.

Tantra Yoga : Through chanting of mantras and performing rituals with the aid of yantras, rousing the self consciousness hidden in the body (in the form of Kundalini) to the cosmic consciousness and thus obtaining siddhis (powers) is called Tantra yoga.


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