98. Natyasastram

I worship the benevolent God Siva, the movement of whose limbs is the movement of the universe, whose speech is the literary expression of the entire world, whose decorative ornaments are the moon and the stars.
(Nandikeswara’s Abhinaya Darpana)

Our Rishis of yore visualized the Cosmic motion as the Creator’s Dance; From a tiny atom to a gigantic planet, all are moving with a rhythm; From a baby’s tumbling gait to a Peacock’s scintillating play, all are dancing with a cadence; Every step every beat of every being is resonating to the tunes of nature. The wonderful science of dancing art swayed from the ecstatic hearts of those great souls into a blissful “Natya sastra”

Indian science of dancing art is a classical gift of Bharatha Muni’s treatise “Natya Sastra”; it evolved from the “Gandharva Veda”, which is an Upaveda of Samaveda. This book was supposed to have been written during the fifth century BC. It contains thirty-six chapters.

Indian Dance Forms

  • Bharat Natyam
  • Kuchipudi Natyam
  • Kathakali
  • Mohini Attam
  • Odissy
  • Manipuri
  • Kathak
  • Yaksha ganam


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